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Sep 30, 2012 6:30pm EDT
coming up, a father and son as victims in this weekend possum tragic plane crash in virginia. new details and what caused that crash. 10 years since the d.c. sniper incident. >> at d.c. police say to people from a fiery crash -- the video to see, coming up. now know the identity of the two people killed in this weekend's plane crash -- they father and son. >> the national transportation s investigating the plane crash that killed john morton and his 13-year-old son. investigators are at the scene crash were the wreckage was just removed. this is still a very active seen. picking thes are apart piece by piece. this was a horrific crash, but been worse. it landed just yards from this mobile home. questions tonight as to why this happened. downed plane is now cut into pieces. are moving the wreckage elsewhere in hopes of what caused this deadly crash. >> it's horrible. i can't believe it. the 48-year-old man and his when the single- engine cessna crashed. kevin morgan was just arriving home. we pulled the door out and can and triedl we check for signs. >> neighbors say he was an mili
Sep 9, 2012 6:30pm EDT
the best. >> that is what thousands have been doing across north virginia -- northern virginia. after the summer storms many were concerned it could be days before the lights came back on. >> the crews have been working that's not the case -- working to assure that is not the case. in some places, the power is back on that they're dealing with other part -- dealing with other problems. a section of the tree came crashing through his house. >> it wasn't that bad during horatio on this property. i was very surprised. >> the cleanup will be similar for some residents in this complex where a tree also splintered the ceiling. >> as the cleanup continues, we have heard from somebody who said they were surprised by the security of the damage content -- considering the short time this storm lasted. in falls church, if you want the debris picked up, it must be bundled and the city will come through on wednesday. >> as the cleanup continues, we want to get you the latest power outage numbers. thousands are still without power tonight. here are the latest numbers -- there was a little bit
Sep 23, 2012 6:30pm EDT
county, northeastern virginia. unclear whether or not buth would play tonight, he has takenarned the field to warm up with his team. is not clear if he will be play against the patriots. that is up to the coaches. a virginia woman is behind accused of abandoning her younger daughter in the woods. authorities say she let her daughter in a swampy area. s only three days-one week was found by a person walking in the woods. she is now facing child neglect charges. the baby was not hurt. switching to the weather now. a real change from yesterday. a possibility of frost in some places. crossed advisory for the frost orning of -- the early morning hours of monday. winchester now is 61. satellite and radar, yesterday a showers that passed on by d front that col on through. skies are clearing out nicely this evening. is the process advisory. morning hours of monday. we will look for a nice evening temperatures falling '60's. the big question, how long will the weather sit around and when for we see the chance showers? the extendedyou in outlook coming up. all quiet about all this afternoon. c
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3